About: Who is winekindasseur?

I’m not a wine expert but I love wine, spirits, mixology, and craft beer. I enjoy reading articles written by the experts however, their recommendations frequently pose two problems. First is cost. I drink within a budget so most of the wines I write about will usually cost less than $25. Secondly, wines and spirits that I write about are mostly locally available. Often the “best buy” wine picks of the experts aren’t carried by my local liquor and wine stores. If you aren’t buying by the case, the price of shipping makes buying online cost-prohibitive. My notes won’t include wines that require a trip to France either.
In the beginning, there was beer. Even as a newly legal drinker, I wanted something more interesting than Budweiser. I found light and dark Lowenbrau and mixed it up to create an early version of black and tan. Then came Sam Adams which opened the floodgates for the microbrew revolution. I became a fan of Michael Jackson (not the singer) and read some of his books. A friend gave me a Robert Parker Wine Buyers Guide, but it was too soon for the interest in wine to take root. The wine chapter began around Christmas of 2003 when a colleague gifted me a bottle of Italian red wine that I really enjoyed. I started sampling some different wines and reading articles by Ray Isle, Matt Kramer and others.
Eventually, we bought a wine and liquor store. My spouse/business partner also has a love of wine and spirits and his history includes bartending and mixology. On the business side, he developed and sold Point of Sale software for the liquor business. One of the challenges of being liquor store owners was to find decent wines to recommend in the $15 range. Wines over $30 were a hard sell. We had to taste a lot of “frogs” before finding a “prince”.
We have since sold the store, but our love of wine and spirits continues. Please visit me on Twitter @winekindasseur.

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